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An online platform for B2B e-Commerce

Your complete and efficient B2B e-Commerce website

b2b ecommerce platform

Your e-Commerce website is perfectly suited for B2B sales

You can benefit from a website which sells to professionals and to individuals with access and a display designed for each target customer. You can get both a specific e-Commerce website design and a domain name for your B2B customers. As soon as they are registered, your customers can take advantage of the services and prices that you've set for them.

Delivery methods and payment methods dedicated to B2B

  • Our e-Commerce platform offer a wide choice of payment methods to your customers (bank transfer, payment in instalments, deferred payment…). You can go further by selecting your payment methods per channel and/or categories of customers and sending them a quote by email with a pre-selected payment method.
  • Adapt your delivery methods by customer category and by packaging (weight, size, amount…). Set your delivery conditions (date and time).

e-Commerce B2B: manage customer orders and facilitate your sales

Enjoy all the features to make taking orders easier and faster:

  • Management of a sales team and a customer portfolio (buying extranet).
  • Order entry dedicated to B2B (telephone order or quick order).
  • Display of available stock.
  • Calculation of amounts in real time.

A complete online B2B customer account

Customise your customer’s accounts (customised fields on the customer sheet) with the tracking of an order’s progress, billing (in progress, order without payment – deferred payment) and deliveries.

b2b ecommerce platform prices

Display specific prices on your B2B online shop

Control the display and management of your rates and barred prices: you can adapt your prices to the packaging, display your prices without VAT and/or tax inclusive.

Advanced B2B Pack for e-Commerce: get complete management

Complete your business management rules by activating the Advanced B2B Pack to take advantage of the exclusive features to sell to your B2B customers:

  • Complete price and discount management:
  • 10 different rates instead of 5 for each product in your catalogue
  • A wide range of discount rules for a complete management of your business: % simple, quantitative discounts in % with bearing, discounts on amount in % with bearing, discount on net price, excluding discount, central buying.
  • Efficient management of customer categories
  • Special prices: prices and discount per item/per customer, per item/per customer category, per item category/per customer or per customer.

An ideal, functional innovation to apply prices adapted to each of your B2B customers and to integrate your e-Commerce website with your business management software for significant productivity gains!

A complete, automatic and real-time interface with your ERP

Manage your online activity from your e-Commerce ERP. Items, customers, orders and stock are synchronised with your ERP. Choose a standard and customisable solution which fits your needs perfectly.