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Tailored Support and Training

Professional Advice, Tailored Training and Expert Technical support

Discover Actinic's tailored training programs on a variety of e-Business topics and succeed in e-Commerce!

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" The Actinic support team are fantastic. Always on hand for advice, best practices and checking in on us to see if we need anything, we couldn’t ask for more!" Austin Lee - Faye UK

They recommend Actinic's Tailored Training Programs

Actinic has gained 15 years of expert knowledge in the field of e-Commerce as a whole. We offer thousands of customers an unbeatable e-Commerce solution with customer-focussed design, effective marketing tools and more than 400 in-house built features, we connect sites to ERP business software, optimise qualified traffic acquisition and help boost our customer’s sales in general.
We put our expertise to work for you and train you on building a successful and profitable e-Business with our tailored training programs and expert support services.

I learned at my own pace

"The online training I enjoyed with the Actinic team was very beneficial. Keeping in mind my availability and basic skills, Actinic designed a training program for me to help me manage my catalogues and create the most beautiful and attractive product pages. I also learned how to manage my incoming orders more efficiently." Martine GILLET - Equestrium
laern at their own pace

Our Bespoke website came with Bespoke Training

" We asked the Actinic experts to set up our entire site. They also created tailored training documents for our team to quickly get accustomed with the many tools and features our site offers. We were managing our site and updating our bespoke catalogue (stock, prices, etc.) in no time. Thanks to this we were able to go live really quickly and we started processing our first orders within just 3 weeks! " Fabrice BENSOUSSAN - Elly La Fripouille

We had an expert to ourself for an entire day!

"An Actinic expert came to our office for a Tailored Training Day! It was fantastic to have someone explain in-depth the possibilities our e-Commerce platform has to offer! We covered the basics and went over new and efficient features. The expert trainer took his time to answer our questions and gave us lots of handy tips on optimising our site! We recommend this Training to anyone who wants to take full advantage of the e-Commerce platform."Laurent COHEN - Solinote
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